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Our clients

A.N.T. S.r.l. (Production of non-woven fabric and synthetic fiber)
Work carried out:
- Complete system with thermal oil heating plant, temperature control and temperature control   cylinder line of TNT


COLOMBO S.p.A. (Textile Industry)
Work carried out:
- Thermal Power Plant thermal oil, steam, hot water
- Lines of distribution and regulation of natural gas, thermal oil, process water, steam
- Heating
- Moving and connecting equipment
- Hot water recovery system

DUE P S.r.l. (Design and construction procurement)
Work carried out:
- Heating and air conditioning Museum of Flight "Volandia" (Malpensa)
- Heating and air conditioning office building Museum of Flight "Volandia" (Malpensa)
- Heating and air conditioning, air exchange Music Room "Villa Litta" (Lainate)

F2 S.r.l. (Industry quality textile products)
Work carried out:
- Mechanical maintenance of Stenter to multiple locations

SICREM S.p.A (Industry canvas for high performance tires)
Work carried out:
- Installation of heat recovery from the exhaust fumes of drying ovens for hot water production
- Ducts for hot air

ALSCO ITALIA S.r.l. (industrial Laundry)
Work carried out:
- Boiler room for steam boilers
- Water softening
- Air Conditioning offices and production departments
- UTA stations for air handling ducts and related
- Central water treatment osmosis and demineralization

NOVATEX ITALIA S.p.A (Production networks and films for agriculture)
Work carried out:
- Moving dies PVC film
- Moving department frames
- Hydraulic connections

SHELL ITALIA S.p.A. (Lubricating oils, hydrocarbons)
Work carried out:
- Moving the complete lines of mixing oils
- Installation of heat recovery from flue gas boiler for hot water heating
- Heating and temperature control of storage tanks products
- Installing and connecting the boiler with boiler pre-insulated precast panels
- Plant oils transfer from the tanks to the mixers dosing

PERFETTI VAN MELLE ITALIA S.r.l. (Production candy and chewing gum)
Work carried out:
- Setting up and connecting hydraulic thermal oil heating boilers
- Installation evaporators for steam production
- Maintenance in Thermal Power Plant
- Natural gas plants

PERONI POMPE S.p.A (Pumps for petrochemical production, high-performance)
Work carried out:
- Complete installation of the test room high-pressure pumps
- Maintenance facilities

ORLANDI S.p.A (Production from non-woven, spunlace, cloths and derivatives for cleaning)
Work carried out:
- Heating system for buildings located
- Heating system for offices
- Maintenance systems thermal oil and steam
- Mounting textile machinery and hydraulic connections

STAMPERIA DI MAGNAGO S.r.l. (Molding, dyeing and finishing of fabrics)
Work carried out:
- Supply and installation of structural steelwork for loft
- Installing heat recovery boiler and Stenter
- Installation of heat recovery for heating water pump assembly, storage tank and piping
- Hot water distribution recovery

STAMPERIA VALERI S.p.A. (Molding, dyeing and finishing of fabrics)
Work carried out:
- Thermal Power Plant in hot oil and steam
- Hydraulic systems
- Piping and accessories for cogeneration plant
- Recovery facility and hot water distribution
- Sprinklers and sprinkler (at affiliate)
- Mounting textile machinery

TIBEL S.p.A. (Production and finishing of fabrics for underwear)
Work carried out:
- Mechanical assembly no. 4 lines of drying fabric (Stenter) with heat recovery from flue gas and sewage
- Changes and mechanical adjustment of textile machinery

HYDROTECH S.r.l. (Production and preparation chemicals)
Work carried out:
- Central Heating hot water
- Supply and installation structural steelwork
- Service systems for reactors
- Heating
- Mechanical maintenance

GAVAZZI TESSUTI TECNICI S.p.A. (Production of technical fabrics special)
Work carried out:
- Thermal Power Plant
- Service systems for natural gas
- Funnels
- Mechanical assembly

ROSSI LORENZO E FIGLI S.p.A. (Tissue processing quality)
Work carried out:
- Boiler room for steam production
- Mezzanine support Stenter
- Plant varies (steam, water, heat recovery)
- Sprinklers and water cannons that sprinkler
- Funnels

EU countries where we have worked: POLAND, FRANCE, SPAIN, GERMANY and SWITZERLAND
Paesei outside the European Union where we have worked: BRAZIL, CHINA, UKRAINE, USA, AFRICA